So even if there isn't too much art going on in the "studio" at least it's getting a bit organized. I can now actually find things I need and since it's the first room in my house that people see (being right next to the front door), it's kind of nice that the chaos has subsided a little (note to self-next studio is in an attic or a nice little carraige house will do).
I've been thinking.....it was almost exactly two years ago that I hit my stride with my art. I remember keeping it on the down low....it was just for myself. I didn't really tell my husband as I didn't want to "proclaim" anything. I set no expectations, I cleared out my bleachers of doubters. I've really enjoyed it. Now, my well seems a bit empty these days. But I'm starting to feel it flow again....the ebbs and flows-ah, such is life.


Elizabeth said…
Oh my goodness--if you wake up one morning to find some creepy lady peering in the window of that studio to get a better look... well, you can pretend it isn't me. : )

The year I worked on my book we lived in California, and my scrapbook room was right off the front door. BAD PLAN. Whew, what a fight it was to keep it mildly presentable.

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