It's Major Award Folks

After much thought and discussion in our house we are now the proud owners of a
Christmas Story Leg Lamp.

Adding a very nice calm amber glow to my "studio".

And bringing down the property values in our neighborhood......

At Christmas time here in Fullerland, the famous movie A Christmas Story is in full rotation. It's a family favorite here as in many a household I'm sure and finally the kids are old enough to get the gist of it. Although I can't tell you how many times I've blurted out "Don't call anyone that!" after hearing the neighborhood boys in the movie use some pretty base terms and "Do not DO THAT!" when Flick sticks his tongue to a frozen flag pole (because mine might try).
It's taken a few years before Bobby decided this was the year to buy the infamous lamp. He thought I might think it too racy (nah) or kind of tacky (great!). It is definitely the way we like to celebrate here at Christmas time, with laughs and plenty of kitsch. I am certainly hoping though that I don't open up a Red Rider BB gun on Christmas morning because I will have to say, " Honey, now you've gone a bit too far." chuckle chuckle.
Merry Christmas!


Candied Fabrics said…
Our most FAVORITE Christmas movie ever, it's our tradition to watch it on Christmas eve! You are very devoted fans, though, to actually buy that FrahGEElay lamp!

Merry Christmas to you!
I love that movie and that lamp is perfect!

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