Scouts Honor

Above- a wonderful print purchased from Amanda Blake in my studio (her etsy shop). She's been inspiring my hoop skirt ladies. And below a new line of cards (ha ha ha) on their way to a good friend.....

But here's what's chuckle worthy-I just haven't gotten ebay figured out yet....awhile ago (like over two years ago) I bid on a few items only to be outbidded right away or very soon enough. It seems I could win nothing. So last night I thought I'd do a search for Girl Scout hand books and there were many, many. I'm in search of old scout handbooks to use in my collages (my newest obsession) and so I bid on a bunch (thinking there was some lady out there with beanie still on head clicking away)-granted each book was under 5 bucks so it's not like my newest gleam is in rare gems. And this morning- I had WON! I was a big winner of practically every book I put a bid on, the proud owner of a small library.....SO, get ready folks I am going to be coming up with some new first on will be an EBAY badge.....I've earned it I think.


Elizabeth said…
oooh, I can't wait to see Girl Scout art from you. I was a loyal Brownie and Scout for many years ;)

And, be sure to check out I bought a full set recently with plans for a very cool scrapbook. So clever!

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