Sorry if I've seemed a bit grumpy lately. Hey, everyone's allowed a little grump now and then. It's a beautiful day today. I'm not at work.

Yesterday though, at school, one of my students told me that her father is friends with the drummer from the Pixies and they are having dinner with him that night. The Pixies are in town for their 20th anniversary of their magnum opus album, Dolittle.
I gush, like a school girl..."Really?" I say..."The Pixies?? I love the Pixies. I saw them in 89' for Dolittle when it first came out......" Wait a minute-did I just say that? Was that really 20 years ago? Indeed, it was, it was 20 years ago that Jennifer and I trumped our 17 year old black clad bodies out to DC to see the Pixies and with Love and Rockets as the opening (yep), opening act. We sang along with Frank, while the rest of our high school pals were still listening to Thriller.....they didn't know good music like WE did. Ahhh, the time before "alternative" was "alternative".

Music, it's the soundtrack of my life.


Elizabeth said…
Also loved (love) Dolittle. Also a bit in shock that 1989 = 20 years ago. Now that I'm newly 37 I seem to feel like an old lady more than ever.
: )
Ana Gonzalez said…
Beautiful your work. I see today for first time on Etsy.

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