What's In Your Stocking?

I've been thinking about that commercial that Lexus has out every time this year, you know the one...it's the one that has a shiny new SUV in the driveway with a Snuffleupagus sized bow on top? My husband and I have always been fascinated by that commercial. Who gets a car for Christmas? What's the return policy on that baby? Where DOES one get a bow that big?

And if you notice the car is never parked in front of a modest house, it's always a villa or small manor.......now if Lexus wanted the "rest" of us to "believe" try parking that beauty in front of a ranch style home in middle America.......
I'm not saying I want a car for Christmas (nor do I EVER want a luxury SUV)....I don't trust someone else picking a car out for me anyway, even if it is my husband and my house is more likely to be featured in a Subaru commercial (love my Forester) ....but really, isn't Christmas about believing? Take note, luxury car people, you don't have to shove it in our faces....we all know that if you can afford a luxury SUV you can afford the house that goes with it.....I'm just saying......let the people dream a little and park that baby in front of a split level.


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