Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Looking Up

Mission accomplished for a New Year's "resolution".
Art in Round Hill Arts Center gallery, check.
Volunteering in gallery,check.
Meeting new artists and reconnecting with others, check.

I am so very excited about this. (I'll try to get better photos of the gallery)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Polka Dots and Whatnots

You know I am a lover of great design and ideas but really I do NONE of them. Yep, I'm just a window shopper, a passer-by, an admirer of people who can sew their own drinking straws. I have been known to make my kids' playdough though, uh huh.
I get myself in trouble reading other talented people's blogs....they do so much and in such great color pallettes, they must have nannies.

Back to the design:
You'd think, well, she's an artist, I'll bet her house is full of that design stuff and you would be wrong. And you want to know why....three problems, no time, kids that get yogurt on EVERYTHING and my husband is of a rare breed...You see, he's mover, a feng shui, wake up and the bed you've BEEN sleeping in has been moved type. There's nothing in my house that is nailed's kind of like being on the Titanic when all the water is about neck high and everything is just floating willy nilly. But you have to give him credit, he's always looking to improve. Once he asked my why I hadn't really put anything up on the walls and I looked at him with that YOU know why stare. It's a scotch tape house.

Yeah, okay, it is kind of an excuse. And also the fact that I'm not good at making decisions like a rational and logical person. We're talking about the girl who decided to DRAW her own furniture in high school, yep, that didn't turn out so great.

Maybe someday my house will reflect my personality better, my love of color and the quirky. But until then oops, there go my pictures floating by.....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Greta and Rose

I am so thrilled. Good things are happening.....will let you in on the good news later. Right now, someone is crying.....not me, though!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm completely ignoring a dispute that is going on in my living room right now, over, get this....which side of the couch to sit on!!!! It is front page news people. It is desperate.

Last weekend B and I went to Duck, NC where my uncle has a house. I've been going there every summer since I was a kid. The off season there is delightful. But I've never been in January. What's there to do in sub zero weather at the beach? Nothing. Perfect.

Here's what I did:
Ate whole bag of cheesy curls and Ben and Jerry's Mint Ice Cream...
Got bad tummy ache.
Played REAL (not FB) Scrabble with husband
Watched 6 hours straight of bits and parts of movies and did not get off of couch
Not for anything.
The Missing (griping)
27 Dresses (cute)
Snakes on a Plane (gross out)
4th Floor (what?....let's just say packing peanuts take on a new name)
In Bruges (love this movie)
City Slickers (funny)
Black Dahlia (weird)
Alpha Dog (shocking)

Went to the Duck Cottage bookstore and coffee shop all three days, became locals.
Looked at books. Looked at more books.
Sat in front of fireplace.
Read books.
Went to dinner just the two of us.
Drank lots of red wine.
Walked/ran on beach in 20 degree weather, Tucker went swimming, really.
Went to the movies, saw Marley and Me, bawled.
Realized that the story is uncannily the same as ours....even the kids, two boys and then a girl (now I just need that big old farmhouse). Loved seeing Jennifer Aniston lose it with the dog and the kids, it was like watching a fancier version of my life....
Enjoyed ride in car even though it was 6 hours.

Came home.
Back to three kids and my messy house.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When I woke up this morning....
the coffee tasted a little more roasty
the buses plowing past my house at 6am were a little quieter
the walk to the paper was more like a skip
the potty dance was more like a victory dance
and the cheerios underfoot were like confetti

I can finally say to my children
that I am proud to be an American (not just during the Olympics)
that we have a President who represents me and us and all
that this really is the start of something

hop, skip, jump, let's go....

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Found this edition of Whitman Creative art books called Print Art (1966) at the local hospice thrift store. I can get into the kitsch of old books just like any other artist but when I creaked open the pages of this one I was blinded by the simplicity of the pages, the graphic lay out, striking.....a certain someone will be receiving this for their birthday. I'm just wondering when JMU is going to offer "Gadget Printing"...count me in.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The color is way off on my photoshop skills aren't doing the trick either. The paper that this was created on is from a discarded library book. It is yellowed in a terrific computer just can't do those little nuances. So imagine it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm working on a series of collages using red and robin's egg like blue (not quite but close). Loving the brown marker....not sure if they are done yet.....hmmmm....I'm going to meet at the Arts Center in two weeks and show my work to the director. I have no idea why I am doing this. I don't know if my work really belongs in a gallery, especially one that mostly shows landscapes and ceramics? But it IS local and it showcases local artists.....
B says, that's exactly why you should go because the arts center has not had work "like this" displayed in it's gallery. He's usually right....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm A Grandma!

to twins nonetheless......amidst the craziness that is a one year old with a nasty ear infection we got to enjoy a little night time fun with A. Since she wasn't sleeping well, we brought her downstairs a couple of times and just cuddled her with a bottle and some Law and Order (B and I are both bedtime sticklers but she wasn't having it, laying on her back was painful for sure, what can ya do) night, she looked almost ready to doze off (the twist in the show wasn't enough to keep her attention I guess) when B said to her, just to see what she would do,
"Where's your dolly baby?"
Up pops her head and she squirms out of his arms and crawls with her little wiggly butt to her dolly babies. They are squished into her walker stroller (I think we're going to need a double) and proceeds to give one a bottle.
"She's a little mommy", B says.
"Yeah, so much for that nature nurture thing.....the boys would have never done that."
"Which thing? Gotten out of my lap or given the baby a bottle?"
"Not waited for the plot twist on the show, of course."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Shift Return

I've worked with typewriting manuals in my collage for awhile now, like 8 years......but recently I've had to scrounge up more because my beloved old 20th Century Typewriting manual looks like mice got to it or some crazy artist wielding a pair of scissors...these came in the mail the other day. They are chock full of pencil notes and have jems like "Pat and Earl" and "Tony and Kay" scribbled in 1947 school girl handwriting....These books are over 60 years old and smell like my grandparents' stuff, well, because they are from that era. Why do I like them? Because they have sayings like this:

Do not let yourself worry about how you are doing.
Keep on trying to do well and you will do very well.
Each day you can pace your typing a little faster.
Do you want to get ahead in life? Use the head you have.

I won't tell you how fast I typed that, let's just say that I wouldn't get very far in life....typing that is.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Take Note

It's hard for me to admit I am tired. I'm kind of like a kid that way. Many a time, my sister has said to me, "Beth, you're tired. That's why you feel so bad." And a lightbulb lights up in my head, ohhhh...that must be why. A look in the mirror this morning confirmed that I have indeed turned into Helena Bonham Carter of the Fight Club/Sweeney Todd at odd angles, dark circles under the eyes....
We have become the house of a million coughs. A has come down with an ear infection as well. This is wartime parenting. As anyone who has kids knows well...there are many facets to parenting. But the parenting of sick kids is a toughy. There are no rules, no guarantees, nothing is what it should be, there's no day or's like going to your local grocery store and they have moved everything around, now you have 5 seconds to find the Tylenol, go, go, go...wait, stop, that's not a metaphor that IS what happened to me the other day. My dang Giant rearranged everything just to spite me, I just know it. (I will be a loyal shopper to any store who keeps things IN THE SAME PLACE....take note, stores.)
Needless to say neither B nor myself have had more than 2 hours of sleep in succession for awhile now.
And since I am in such a crabby mood....and have watched a lot of late tv....Fabreze commercial with the lady who stays home while her family is out...DO NOT CLEAN YOUR HOUSE, ARE YOU CRAZY? Do not even squirt a little of that smelly cover up crap. Put your feet up, enjoy the silence, watch an Oprah.
Now here's a commercial for stays home while his family goes out and he cleans the house....NOW that's a product I WOULD BUY. Commercial people, take note.

Friday, January 02, 2009


It's been a Beth day...just puttering around without kids day. B is going to the Georgetown Bball game tomorrow so today was my "day off". I've been thinking about the "new" year and I'm not one for resolutions that serve no real purpose at losing weight or eating healthier etc. This year I've decided to get more involved with our little arts center here in town. It's hard to believe that in this 3 square mile town there is an arts center (and bonus, it's housed in an old furniture store, turn of the century) and weirdly enough, I'm not affiliated with it. Why, you might ask, haven't I gotten more involved....hmmm...could it be the three kids I've had in the last five years since living here, nah couldn't be that!
There are other things too like trying to stop buying black cardigans and caring if my house is clean. I think those will be easy to achieve, perhaps in the first month of the year!
Happy New Year.