Friday, July 31, 2009

What Came Out of My Mouth..


I am tired of finding these guys climbing out of their gross little cocoons all over the front porch.
I'm all for my budding entomologists but I draw the line at bag worms-double,triple gross!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beaky Love

Another, white (off) and black.....all of these are done on pages from my Teacher's Word Book of 30,000 Words...I love the headings...this one is "post to precision"...others are weirder like "disturber to doorstop" and "mischief to moist"...all of these words were literally counted by "hand" in 1944 in periodicals, books, the Bible and other sources and then compiled in this book (frequency of use for teachers).... this book that I am now tearing apart and drawing in.....all of that hard work now just a sketch pad

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grade F

I try not to do things I am not good at (as far as I know, ha ha).....well, I do sing but for the most part if I stink at it I usually don't do it.
hitting balls with bats-stink-a-rama
following directions-double stink (wish I didn't though)
math-extra stink (thank goodness for my husband on that one)
taking care of house plants-stink, stank, stunk

I knew I had a problem today when I sent in my Consumer Reports trial subscription today just so I could get the free book How To Clean Everything. See, the thing is that I like a clean house as much as anyone but I am really clueless as to how to get it. And at this point in my life-it isn't about the aesthetics so much as it is about the mice poop, terrariums full of bugs that the boys have littered about the house and of course, my toxic four boys bathroom. I just don't know the tools, the methods, the cheats...whenever I get the house professionally cleaned (which is like once a year) I follow the ladies around like "How do you do that? Now, what did you use there? I didn't even know that thing could SHINE!"
I was no princess being brought up-don't get me wrong.
I just wasn't paying attention "in class" as usual.....I was probably doodling something....

Monday, July 27, 2009


Thanks to a family wedding where they gave out "soundtracks" there is a new rotation of musak in my's the rundown...

Livin' On A Prayer-Bon Jovi
Let's Get it Started-Black Eyed Peas
Footloose-Kenny Loggins (this is STILL a really good song, people!)
Heya-Outkast (kids really love Outkast-and what kid wouldn't when you get to belt out"What's Cooler than cool-ice cold! Ice cold! Or "Shake it like a polaroid picture, shake it shake it!")

We listened to this over and over and over while driving to the lab to drop off my "what's wrong with me" samples -I won't even go into that even though it is hilarious (for a sick humored person, that is). I just haven't been me for about 5 weeks now and I finally broke down to submit myself to ridiculously humiliating tests that will eventually give me the diagnosis of....ta da, nothing. What's wrong with me?....well it's either a sinus infection or cancer or I ate some really bad sushi awhile back, you know, something like that. Man, I do hope they come up with something. They can even make it up because this thing HAS GOT TO HAVE A I can curse at it better.

On a nicer note- I recently accepted a job to teach part time at a local middle school. This will require me to work every other day (one week- M,W,F the other T/TH alternating) as the school functions on a block schedule and off in the summer. I'll be teaching sixth grade art. And I even have my own art room! It's the perfect fit for me. I'm not quite sure what I have gotten myself into but I am excited nonetheless. And I am thinking that I am going to have watch what I say on this blog (I know it's pretty PG anyway) ... crafty kids these days, they might find me and ask me "Ms. Fuller, what's cooler than cool?" Ice cold, baby! Now about that diagnosis.....

Friday, July 24, 2009


My artwork on the cover of Brain,Child-woohoo! You know what kills me though....of course, I am critical of it....why, because that's WHAT ARTISTS DO...I am thinking next time I will personally draw each and every cover, yes! All 40,000 plus...I better get started now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oldie but's weird when drawings I did years ago keep popping up in my piles and piles of stuff....this one always rears its head.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've gotten a bit bogged down by my artwork lately and I am going to just do some loosening up...quick little ideas, quickly must be summer, I'm slowing down.....mind's turning to mush, ah, summer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slow Crawl

I completely freak out when I see turtles crossing the road...and out here we see them a lot. Many a time I am able to stop the car, run out (hope it's not a snapping turtle) and save the poor, helpless little guy. It's got to be the vulnerability, the slowness, little legs moving as fast as it can, or not, the shell that can crack, that just gets me.
Baby Sam was born last week five days after his due date but he came nonetheless....and I have been thinking about motherhood, seeing my sister slide into the role...the adjusting, the vulnerability.,the weariness...Many times I found myself just plucking the baby up, wanting to help so much as I didn't have a sister with three kids under her belt to help/coach/reassure I jump out of the car for rescue or simply keep the engine idling near by?
I am so thrilled to have the pleasure of being able to help, to listen, to calm a new mother's nerves....and those two are doing it, really making it across, slowly, step by step much like two turtles walking across a busy road, both mother and son.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Came Out of My Mouth Yesterday

(On a lighter note)
Yes, another installment....

"Colin-if you EAT that Batman head it will come out in your poop and be flushed away forever."

(looks of shock, not sure whether it was about the poop or losing his Lego Batman head FOREVER)

Hermes Schmermes

Maria from Noisesideup's version of the Hermes' bag
WITH no crocs killed in order to make it.
Less mess, clear conscience, 1/3000 the price.

Got this from PaperNStitch I completely out of it? Does everyone know that handbag companies such as Hermes are cooking up crocodile farms in Australia just to make 100K handbags- yes, you read that right 100K or more for each measly ugly bag.
So she drew up these bags (love her linework) as an alternative-(c'mon rich gals-I know that 35 dollars is really beneath you-having being used to paying 100K for a bag and all but think of it this way-you could buy 100,000 of them!) and a part of your purchase will go to animal rights charities (oh, that's not good for the rich gals). Holy cow, I just can't believe how stupid people are.....sorry, this just takes the cake, er, the croc.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rust Designs

If you ever want to give a creative wedding gift-I highly recommend these mugs from Jessica Rust at Rust Designs. I've given these many times, might have to get a frequent buyer card with them.
They are simply beautiful and you can scratch any initials you want into the tree-well you tell them the initials and date and they print them. I just can't give any ole' gift for a wedding. Some of the best gifts we got 7 (wow,yes) years ago were the ones not on our registry, a painting, handmade glass serving utensils, engraved handmade pewter candlesticks and honey dipped candles......

My parents have been together almost 40 years.....a cup of warm coffee in bed in the morning, that's the secret.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Queen Bee

I saved my sister's life when we were in high school....literally.
Not from a bad hairdo, weird date or toliet paper stuck on her shoe but a real bona fide rescue.
My younger sister had been really really sick and running a high fever when I noticed and diagnosed that the "rash" all over her legs wasn't a rash at all....they were little tiny blood clots dotting her legs like the corrections on my geometry tests....let's just say, too many to count. I called my mother who was working and the doctor said get her to the ER asap. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctor's hadn't a clue...but I did. And all because I had learned about meningitis (which is what she had) from my 10th grade health know the one, the one that told all about how doing drugs are bad for you but then proceeded to go on and tell you the groovy things you'll experience if you do (what is that?)...anyway...I guess I HAD learned something. And how is it that I figured out before a team of qualified doctors?

That whole experience really tainted my view of the profession, doctors in general and now I simply won't go to a doctor UNTIL A LIMB IS FALLING OFF....I know I am really bad.....
"How long have you had this intestinal bug Mrs. Fuller?"
"Oh, three months."
Doctor passes out.
I am much better when dealing with my kids though so don't start calling social services just yet.

Yesterday, I couldn't put the little miss down (she's 18mths and getting a ton of teeth all at once). She screamed and screamed. I motrined her, tylenoled her and she still was a mess. It was surely the good ole' ear infection scream. So I made a last minute appointment for her, thinking obviously something's can't be ALL teeth. We braved the germy teeming waiting room, the treacherous spit filled books, the grimy balls on a wire toy that is required by law to be in EVERY kid doctor's waiting room.
The doctor looks, inside, outside, yep, confirms that that's a lot of teeth to get all at once. And finally let's out with a sigh....
"I think what we've got here, Ms. Fuller is a case of...."
What, what?
"A drama queen."

Oh no, just like her mother.

Waiting For Sam

I'm just waiting for my nephew Sam to be born right now. His due date is tomorrow.....I just can't think of anything is on a break (which was really needed) I'm having sympathy pains (I'll spare you the details)...and still unpacking from 12 days at the beach and once again, a no sleep week. I did get to see the sun rise up from the ocean's horizon like a pink glowing ball....nice eh? But not so fun when your company is a fussy 18 month old sucking on a pacifier along with questioning furred brow.....she did say "balloon" when she saw the sun rise which made me smile and then she proceeded to pick my nose. Isn't it romantic? So, c'mon Sam-I'll show you the sunrise too....just keep your cute little baby hands to yourself.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


AN entire grad school project done by Alex Cornell for a imaginary Wes Anderson Film Festival-very cool...."I want to go to there."...if it were real. Well done.


8-action figures
6-times to yell "GET IN THE CAR!"
5-applications of sunscreen
4-explanations of WHY we wear sunscreen
2-bathing suits
1-30 minute swim lesson

Times 8. Whew.