Saturday, August 29, 2009


An addendum.....
to the story or quick blurb I wrote the other day about my son Jamie catching bugs in a clandestine zip lock bag at football follow up, apparently a coach caught my son with the said bag full of grasshoppers......Why? Why? you ask, leave the poor kid did the coach even know? Well, the dutiful coach had noticed something strange about my friends, he had the bag of grasshoppers where ANYONE would keep a bag full, mind you of like 20, grasshoppers
My goodness, you just can't make this up.

On a less buggy note, one of the nice things about going back to teaching is that at the beginning of the school year, the art teachers in the county have some fun staff development days and lucky us, mine is at the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art tomorrow....I'll be sure to bring my camera. A shout out to the other art teachers who read my blog, esp. Jennifer C. I'll be sure to take in all of the art for you...I may even get to look at a painting for longer than one second, whoa, now that's harder than keeping a bag of grasshoppers in your pants!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art Finds

(Found this groovy cover art on a 1974 album (with the record) in my art room-which is full of great stuff, the teacher before me was there for over 20 years. I'm sure to find lots of goodies.)

So I am back to work.....and pinch me please, I have found myself at a gem of a school....seriously, I couldn't help myself lucky am I, my mantra. However I am full time right now to get myself caught up and boy am I out of work shape. These withered's really nice to be teaching again and to found such a home of a school.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I heard long ago an interview with Madonna. In this interview, she professed her love for picking the lint out of her dryer lint trap (really). I've never forgotten this little tidbit of info....I remember thinking at the time, wow, I am not like Madonna AT ALL (imagine that).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hut Hut

(J when he was 2, hiking in the Shenandoah with Dad and having a goldfish break)

Jamie (6) comes home from football (tag) practice with a grin and a jumping bag full (like 20) of grasshoppers Thursday night. He had sneakily brought his own little zip lock bag just for the occasion not telling me or his dad (who logically wants him to pay attention at practice) of his plan .... I am (secretly) proud that my boy is out finding bugs, forgetting the plays and the hut hut....but shhhhh....don't tell.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm on an all liquid diet for 36 hours.....something in my body is rebelling and we are trying to root the traitor out (And unfortunately, I can no longer put this madness in the I've had 3 kids in 5 years excuse column anymore-we're bringing out the big guns). So, if this bile-like rebel doesn't kill me-gosh darn it, this fasting will. By the end of the day I expect to be ONE HAPPY lady, yikes. All of this on the DAY after we get back from the beach. Who scheduled this? Ooops, I did.

However as I drove home from the Outer Banks I did some really good thinking:
(I choose to drive so I don't have to constantly crawl into the back seat and adjust the DVD player or pick up dolly baby for the three zillionth time)

I thought about how I would be the first in line to buy ANY type of car with a limousine window in it.

That I could solve my laundry problem by buying more laundry baskets.

And should I feel bad using all of those FREE address labels I get in the mail?

Well, I'm off to float away, gulp.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sorry Can't Talk Now.....

A new mom friend of mine recently fell to the persuasion of a woman peddling books at her front door. She being her usual kind self, let the saleslady talk and talk about the wonders of the books (which she said did look great) their educational factors being written bi-lingually AND ALL of this at the poisonous hour of 6pm. She, being a new mother with dinner on one hand and seven month old baby on the other hadn't a brain cell left to say "Thank you for your presentation but this is a really bad time for me (and for ALL mothers and parents in the whole wide world for that matter) " And she subsequently wrote a check for the books (I can't tell you how many times I'd love to just pay someone to leave me alone), and all the while probably wondering where her before-baby- brain went.
And so I mentioned to her that even though she won't get this pre-kid brain back (sorry, it's true) She NOW has a wonderful tool to get her out of sticky situations-THE KID(S)!
Here's an example, now repeat after me.....

"Sorry, telemarketer, can't talk now the baby is crying and projectile vomiting."

"Sorry, weird looking teenager at the door with pad in hand who doesn't appear to really be selling anything, my son just let the pet snake out of it's cage and it's loose in the house trying to eat our new baby kitten."

"Sorry, gruffy ex-convict man with truck full of frozen hunks of beef, the kids are setting the house on fire, I've got to go and find the extinguisher."

"Sorry, Girl Scout selling delicious Girl Scout cookies......WHAT? Yes, of course I'll take 20 boxes of Thin Mints, 25 Tag-A-Longs....."

It takes a little practice but I'm sure in no time you'll get the hang of it....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Calorie to Capricious


(An older piece I just finished today)

We're heading off to another week at the beach on Friday. I am hoping for some sleep this time so I don't end up sending weird cryptic text messages to my sister about the world coming to an end. Our plan is to make a humongous back bathroom into a bedroom for Anna so she doesn't wake up at 3am and decide to play with mommy. She needs her own room just like a lady should. That way everyone has a good time. And I don't have to see the sunrise-unless I want to, of course, nah......