Today I broke an entire carton of eggs at the checkout line...cage free, non-hormone, natural eggs, that is. (That I can't eat, sigh). As I went to pick up the carton, each egg tumbled out of it's egg-like groove in a slow free fall, like a troup of water ballerinas diving into a pool. They promptly cracked themselves on the metal cage of the cart dripping gooey yellow onto the floor....of course, I was shopping just right before THE BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY (note the sarcasm). Not one to get upset over spilled milk, I promptly parked the cart over top so as to ward off anyone from slipping and went back to get another carton of eggs because Anna needs her "eggies" in the morning. People gave me mean looks,  but people also smiled. And for the first time in I can't remember, I simply didn't react to the free range mayhem at all. We checked out, ran through the parking lot getting covered in the powdery snowflakes.....don't sweat the small stuff, true....and as I got into the car I noticed my jacket was flaked with snow, tiny little stars...I can't remember the last time I saw a snowflake so clearly. Now, that's the small stuff I can sweat.....or chill rather.
Many of my fondest childhood memories involve night my sister Claire and I went out on a snowy night at like 9 o'clock. We were teenagers, we were barely speaking (something about a sweater, a boy, who knows). We made snow angels, swung on the swings, made the only human tracks in the snow that night. I could hear it, falling in sheets, like sheets on a bed, cascading down and covering. We didn't speak and upon returning to our house, my dad had made chocolate chip cookies and cocoa (really I'm not making this up-the Hannons never need a reason to make cookies). I hadn't known that quiet had it's own noise.

Today, I jogged with Tucker as the snow started to fall. I haven't run in so long because of being so sick. It's been one week of no symptoms and feeling good. The outside and the insides were quiet....and that, good friends, is saying a lot.

(Anna slurping cocoa)


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