oh the dolls
we buy these days
gone are the strapped-in dollies
safe in the car, buckled up
like the child's precious insides
tapping shoes on the ends of your tighted legs
greasy window finger tips trace
the moon follows us
follows our car
and only us
alone on the highway home
from candyland.

been missing my grandparents lately......been thinking about friends who are saying their goodbyes to theirs....I wrote the poem above about my trips as a child coming home from my beloved grandparents apartment when they lived in Towson, was about an hour and half drive, my parents would time it so that the sugar would wear off on the drive home and they would deliver our limp, spoiled little bodies into bed after we crashed in the car...the moon following us the whole way.


Sweet Mess said…
What a lovely post.
aimee said…
what a delightful world you have here - i love your illustrations! i came via candy's 'mama plus' post :)

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