Mr. Cheese

We cracked the Chuckie Cheese seal yesterday-yes, I've managed to keep good ole' Chuckie just an urban myth for 6 years....The two boys were so sublime as they didn't explode by the sheer blinking, pinging, screaming, sticking madness of the place. (They waited until after). We learned how to put the tokens in the slots and be thrilled with the tickets the machines coughed up. We traded the greasy, man handled (boy handled, that is) tickets in for plastic spiders (now in the bottom of my bag) and stickers that have already ended up decorating yet another window in the car. We checked stuff out, my oldest ran off on his own with his buddies from the birthday party (the real reason we were there). ...while C and I ended up over by the indoor slide. In a cavernous room full of electronic fun and promises, my Mr. C is on the slide, grinning and calmly making a girlfriend. Later, as he clung to the steering wheel on the animated, moving and bucking monster truck ride, two girls crawled up on the hood screaming "Whee!!!!"-I've got to keep on eye on this little Fabio.
The party lasted two hours. We left in one hour fifty. Because I could tell that we were starting to turn mushy, cranky and over loaded. But all in all, I was surprised. The boys had just the right amount of fun and chaos. We emerged unscathed. But I'll have to say that the best part of it all actually happened in the bathroom after C alerted me he HAD to go. (We have been having bathroom issues-he's too busy to actually go and doesn't mind if he doesn't-frustrating for sure. I told him we'd have to leave the party if an accident occurred as that was not allowed at birthday parties). So off we sprinted to the bathroom where he was just a tad bit wet.....and here's what transpired,
"Do you think he knows?"
"Who knows?
"Do you think that Chuckie knows?
"Knows what?"
"That I'm a little wet."
"Oh no, buddy, Chuckie doesn't know-you stopped what you were doing and we made it to the bathroom. I'm proud of you (I was)."
"Oh good, because Chuckie wouldn't like that right?"
He he he...oh no, Chuckie wouldn't like that.....maybe I should use this Chuckie thing for as long as I can ...then again, if I don't, we may be able to hold off a Chuckie adventure for another 6 years-here's to hoping.


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