Snowy With a Chance of Craziness

 I'm going on day four of single parenting right now (because my husband is out of town). My hats go off to you single parents out there, it's exhausting and lonely.

You can disregard my earlier post about snow and fond memories, we are getting dumped on this year.  I don't know if I can suit everybody up (which takes about 30 minutes-no kidding) just to fall in the snow and get ice up their nose and want to go BACK INSIDE within one minute of being out in the winter wonderland. We've been cooped inside for far too long. Anna literally cries at the door not understanding that her mother is too lazy to get on ALL the gear just to stand outside with her while she repeats "Snowman, snowman, snowman" over and over again.
And as a teacher it's exciting to have an unscheduled day off, but not when you're part time and on a block schedule. My son Colin won't see pre-school until March because how one snow day will bump our whole schedule off.

I am really procrastinating right now-I have art due and it's now past due.....thank goodness for Pay Per View...Cloudy of a Chance of Meatballs is showing in my living room with five captive kiddos watching. Now, time to get it we go.....


Elizabeth said…
Also on day 4 of single parenting, you have all my sympathies! VA stole all the snow from WY, I think--it hasn't snowed here since right before Christmas (though it's still freezing and windy most of the time, so I understand the dreaded bundling up, too). Hang in there!

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