The other day I had ONE of those days....a day that reminded me of a couple of years ago when I started this blog.....I was desperate. I was stretched and stressed and like a trapped animal, trying to chew my leg off. It was not unlike knitting a sweater, a very utilitarian one, mind you, a bulky wool-like thing and yet all the while your two year daughter is unraveling it from the other end. I was left standing there with knitting needles which quickly felt like weapons. All my efforts of getting anything, absolutely anything, were thwarted by a brassy, bossy and very cute two year old who refused to take a nap that day thus squeezing the life out of the entire household (brothers included). Well, at least THAT's what it FELT like......tough work, it's tough some days.

So it's embarrassing that I work for one of the best (if I do say so myself) motherhood (and fatherhood) magazines ever and yet I am a good 5-10 years behind on reading ALL of the great motherhood literature....you'd think I would be more "up" on these things but honestly I haven't HAD TIME since becoming a mother to READ about being one. But as you can see in earlier posts about creativity-it fascinates me. Motherhood and other peoples take on said subject...but most of all, motherhood and creativity. For me, one just did not go with the other for some while. And now, I couldn't live without it, the meshing of the two worlds. I'm reading Mamaphonic right now and it is like it was written just for me...in fact I think I'm mentioned on the dedication page....another book recommendation for the creative mom, if you get a moment to read in between re-knitting your sweaters, that is.


Sweet Mess said…
I think if you are truly caught up on much current "motherhood" material, that must be ALL you do in your spare time~
I think it must be okay to feel unraveled and to be too busy mothering to be up to date.

at least I hope so...
Beth HF said…
I agree:)
Unraveling is par for the course.
I think sometimes there are books that I had wish I read, you know, like....I wish I had read Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions when I had my first child. Now, I give it to friends or sisters so their "timing" might be better than mine:) Eh, what can you do? :)

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