Up and Go

I have a neighbor who is never home. She has two young kids (2 and 4) and they have a life rivaling the Swedish Embassy's social calendar. Half the time (on the days I am not working at my wonderful middle school, yes, I said wonderful) I look out my window as she shuttles her son and daughter in and out of the car and think, you go girl, and half the time I think it's just a little bit too much. (By the way, this neighbor does not read this blog-not that she shouldn't or couldn't). We all live tucked away in our little microcosms. Not much is known about what goes on inside our abodes (except when it's summer and you can hear the cacaphony that is my home)....When I am home, I am home. There's so much housework to do here and my craft actually works better if I am near the glue and pens.

The fact is, I haven't scheduled my kids much (being so young) and now.... it's happening, this spring both the boys will play soccer (with games and practices) and soon it won't be so easy to play build the biggest lego ship and decide whether we'd like to make new playdough or simply do nothing.

Okay, I know, really if you read into this the real answer is that it is A LOT of work to schedule kids' play groups and such.  And, I can't help it.....I like the ability to just up and go and I also like the ability to choose not to. And that flexibility will be achangin' oh yes, it will, but then again I guess we couldn't live like this forever, shucks....well, at least there's always summer.


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