All right, all right, I give up and I promise, promise to be good.
Dear cheese, I will miss you. Maybe you can come and visit sometime this summer and you can even bring one of my other friends, yogurt and even better bring that bad girl, ice cream! But for now, I'm saying mercy, uncle, I give up, I can't eat you anymore even though I've tried to get away with it.

It's pretty pathetic how much I love cheese. I can pass up cookies, cakes, chocolate and many of the other infamous "c's" but cheese...seriously you could melt a nice colby on a long haired Persian and I would eat the whole thing (sorry cat lovers). This love of cheese can be traced back to when my mother would melt cheddar on salty saltine crackers and my sister and I would scrape it off with our little kid teeth and pretend it was forbidden gum. A ha....the forbidden gum.

I've been trying to think myself into NOT being lactose intolerant. I've downed so many pink bottles of Pepto that my kids think I am sneaking something sweet....countless times I have said to them, I know it LOOKS like it should be yummy but trust me, it's not. The other night (and I can't believe I'm writing this) I couldn't get off the floor next to my son's bed as I read him a bedtime story, gasping for air, stabbing pains in my back, he thought I was dying.....OH, NO kid, I just ate TOO MUCH CHEESE. Yes, when that happens it's time to say goodbye. Colby, cheddar, munster, provolone, I love you but alas but hit the road Jack....mmmmmm...monterey jack, okay, okay, I'll stop. Really.


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