Are You Kidding Me?

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I know I live in an Ikea $300 dollar kitchen table world, my couches have been scribbled on, my curtains are STILL on extension rods due to the fact that I have two boys who like to try to use my draperies as capes. And these days with very young children I don't strive for "haute couture" and probably never will. I'm mostly prone to functional and fun and with that said, I may be biased.....BUT this spread really took the cupcake.
Real Simple is a magazine I do enjoy. I've said it before, I've gotten great ideas from their soothingly toothed using an empty 6 pack to store plastic ware (glamorous I know). The pages themselves are relatively simple as opposed to, say, the ADHD layouts of Glamour. But this $35,000 dining room, how simple. Simply mystifying that is....I wonder if that's a look of contentment on her face or one of resignment.....because we all know that once the cameras are turned off, it's Superman time with those $500 curtains...UP, UP AND AWAY little dudes!


Jenni said…
You are so funny!!! That was good.
I just discovered that I can wash my slipcovers in the washing machine. I feel I have a new lease on life.
Kat Hannah said…
ha! great find - I particularly like the abstract painting "propped" on the sideboard. I would probably knock into that myself a few times each day.
Heather said…
ha ha ha! this is funny...and oh so true. love your post on this
Your post is right on! You can't have a place like this with kids...let alone two boys! I would bet they are not allowed into this room!! I have two boys and it's not possible to have this and have it last. My curtains are next to the dining room table and my kids have actually wiped their hands with them! Give me a break...your post was right on.

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