Played 20 rounds of Bingo the other night at my son's school. I brought both boys (4 and 6). It was 20 rounds of complete torture. No one won at BINGO. There were no prizes. Until I heard my name called out for having won the raffle (out of like 300 people). "I won!" I exclaimed. My boys looked increduously at me. Huh? "I won the raffle!" I said. "That doesn't count Mom, that doesn't count as winning at BINGO." (shucks). But then the older kiddo perked up, "Well," he said, "what did you win?"
"Two tickets to the next PTO event." I explained. (To an auction at a local winery).
"Yep, that's not winning." he confirmed. (shucks again).

PS-I did collect all of our used BINGO cards to use in my collages. They were so "retro" looking. Each having it's own LOSING story.
I couldn't help it. I know I looked a little odd doing it but I simply explained to another mother after she glanced at my hoarding, "Scrapbooking." A nod, recognition. I won, I did.


Ludid said…
those are great bingo cards to incorporate into your artwork. your illustrations are so fun and original.

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