Darn Dora

 You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as frequently as I used to. Most of this is due to having a part time job and my two year daughter (need I say more) but mainly it's because of a little cartoon character called Dora....yes, you heard that right, Dora. She's cute and educational and my four year old is quite adept at pulling her website up and going on adventures with her. Alas, we are a one computer household right now (well there are a couple of  unplugged outdated candy colored IMacs taking up closet space) and I have been "bumped". Now, you say, be the adult and kick the kid off but my he is pleasant enough to let me get on every once in awhile...like say, the 3 minutes I am getting to type this up, thanks kid. For example he is telling me right now that he is being polite and sweet and that he really. really likes me....but mom, when will you be done? Oh butter me up kid, I am a softy for that kind of talk. Okay, Ola Dora.


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