Delete, Repeat

 (Old watercolor I found when cleaning out my basement circa 2000)

I heard on the radio the other day that although we have got a lot of efficient technologies and life conveniences, people don't garner as much free time because of them as we would think. A digital camera which seems so much more quick and easy is actually more work than a big ole' 35mm since there is no pop- the- film- out- put- it- in- the- mail, instead there's the hook- it- to- the- computer -with crawling- download- speeds (at least in my case) and THEN you have to go through the selection process to even send the files to the photo lab....and of course, pick  them up. The steps to get from A to B are plentiful.

It certainly has me dragging. I've got over 10,000 pictures on this computer/typewriter and I've got to find the time to get them off and onto a flash drive or something. They are "supposedly" backed up on my little removable Porsche super drive but I can't find them when I go to look. It seems so simple. I'm pretty technologically savvy why can't I back my files up and then (gasp) FIND them. I think I need to pay someone to clean up my Mac and then while they are at it, clean my house there's a service.
My husband says to me the other day, you should just buy a laptop at some point....and then when I fill that up where will I go? I'm like a snail outgrowing his shell.....I've just got to learn how to hit "delete".

PS. Just finished David Lynch's Catching the Big Fish (it's about meditation and art making)....think I'm going to try me some meditation....meditation that is, in some other form than going to the bathroom and enjoying the 30 seconds of quiet before one child figures out where I am. Bang, bang, bang, MOM!!!

PS. I caught my four year old son playing Wii Resort with his eyes closed, fully laid out on the couch, his one arm was waving with slicing motions while holding onto the Wii remote...I asked him what he was doing, "Relaxing sword fighting, Mommy." (Of course)

PSS. Refrigerators are REALLY expensive.


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