Get Thee To A Nunnery

 (From the book Exploring Children's Interests-1951
there are some gems in this "pamphlet")

I told my oldest son last night that I was going to give him to gypsies. I didn't mutter it under my breath or make light of it, I was very, very, very serious. He didn't flinch. He called my bluff. Did I feel better saying it? Nope.  I used to console myself with the idea that when he was young I shouldn't worry too much about specific threats that I have made. I mean, how many of us actually remember when our mothers threatened to give us to the neighbors or sell us to the circus?

 Sometimes I have a really hard time with defiance (reason for the gypsy threat), I didn't experience it much as a child.  I was a good kid.....I was a REALLY good kid, painstakingly good and extremely terrified of getting in trouble. It wasn't fear of my parents or teacher just fear of doing something wrong itself. I never even talked back to an adult until high school and then. whoa nelly, sorry Mom, the floodgates were open...maybe it was all of that repressed "bad" coming out. In fact, I tend to extremely (I mean extreme) good kids turn out to be "bad" teens/adults? Do "bad" kids end up better off since they don't need to vent quite as much? It's an interesting theory. Don't get me wrong, I am not divulging anything inflammatory about myself on a blog that both my mother and probably some of my students' parents read but I'm sure there were times when my mother's hand was one step away from rotary dialing a nunnery or the gypsies for that matter.


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