I've been eating a lot of bacon lately. And really, it's not really something that I am apt to eat. Oh, I'll eat it if it's cooked and on a plate but I don't regularly buy it. I'm not knocking it either...it's just that since I've been on the WORLD's MOST RESTRICTIVE diet I've overindulged in the naughty things that one should not be eating in the pounds. I've found myself saying "Yipee! That cajun inspired extra fat beef round is Gluten Free!" I'll buy it....just because it is.
Listen closely people....diets stink....there are two different kinds-self inflicted and I had no choice diets (diabetics, heart conditions, Celiac etc). Me, I am on the no choice as you know. I didn't choose Celiac disease, it chose me, ahhhhh shucks how sweet of it but I've been getting used to it (day by day). So take my good advice self inflicted dieting people...just eat what you like/love in moderation because the alternative (not eating it at all) is plain not fun and you never know when you're going to have your last Giovanni's....see next sentence......
( it really does stink when one is at a birthday party where one's favorite kind of non gluten free pizza is being served and one did not eat ahead of time, oops....that makes for a cranky Beth)

So all of this has gotten me thinking.....yes, this is a big wake up call to eat better. I did need it. I just didn't want it served up like this. I wasn't a bad eater before but just because I am able to bypass Mc Donald's doesn't mean I am a true vision of healthfulness.

Soooo....this summer (June through October) I finally bought a half share of produce from one of our local farmers. Each Tuesday, I am going to take the kids to farm and pick up our fresh veggies and fruit. We can pick berries or whatever is in season too, visit the animals.......and I promise, promise to stay away from the pig.

(PS.The art above has nothing to do with pigs, bacon or the such....)


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