Small Change

(Jamie (6) made these collages yesterday when all three of my kids were in my "studio" 
making art-I had to pinch myself, it didn't last long)

You always hear the saying that change is good. And after becoming a mother it is completely inevitable-not something to side step or choose not to put on one's plate. Change happens so rapidly in a parent's life, you have to adapt or be, let's say, miserable. I think I have been miserable at some point in the past six years....I think I have learned some too, let's hope.
My son-is a profit of things should stay the same. He doesn't like different, he'll take a side order of same pair of pants everyday, thank you very much. He's happy in his ways. And me, I've getting too I am getting kind of squirmy. I already did drastic diet change and now I am looking for some smaller life changes.....
I recently finished Gretchin Rubin's Happiness Project-which was frankly, just okay. Let's say it didn't make me happy reading it...I had to make myself finish it which did not make me happy (you get the drift). A cute cover with funky handwriting lettering gets me every time. The writing seemed to jump all over the place and I think if I read one more thing about her little "gold stars" of self congratulation well....that's not a happy thought.
  I did take a few things from it though after I figured out what she was talking about. I think I am going to try some small new things and I am sure I'll post know how they turn out-I know, I know, you can't WAIT! But I've got to do it.....a little challenge, a new veggie, a new view etc, it may be a few times a week or maybe only once. It could be a silly as a living room picnic with my kids or daring myself to do something, like go to a new church (not having been in years-I am thinking Episcopalian which shares many of my views), or trying to get up before my kids (that means 6am).....just little adjustments.....fine tuning.....
For my first trick, I am going to buy a new refrigerator all by my little self...I know this sounds silly, but I think I have said before that the Fullers are notorious for making do, if our front door fell off, we would find a way to live without it and I am really bad about spending money on "big" ticket items. Our fridge right now will be banished to the basement, only the fridge part really works to hold beverages....we've been living with a leaking fridge (freezer part) for longer than I should although it doesn't seem like much-it is for me....I can spend months pouring over Consumer Reports and polling people about their kitchen appliances and ultimately I am going to have to make a decision (my husband is leaving it to me and promises not to complain unless I do first) all by myself and by April 1st. 
Item #1: Don't think too much, just buy it.
Wish me luck.....

P.S-I know it's blasphemous not to enjoy a book about happiness, I did like parts of it and I wish the author no unhappiness. If you want a better book (in the same vein of "self-help" and humor) full of more original writing check out Jennifer Niesslein's Practically Perfect in Every Way. Of course, she is one of my dearest friends and so I may be biased, nah.


Elizabeth said…
there is a short little book called Small Change that espouses this very strategy... the first time I read it I thought it was fine, but it was before the birth of #2 and I don't think I fully GOT IT (you know, the small idea being the operative thing). Now, however, almost three years post #3, I am ready to read it again. The authors are Susan and Larry Terkel, and I found out about it because one of them taught a yoga class my sister used to go to. Might be what you're looking for motivation-wise : )

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