18 Gallons!

On our 200 mile trip home from visiting my sister in Norfolk (SPRING BREAK 2010!) my car sputtered to a complete stop in the middle of a one way road (one lane each direction)...immediately, I think, crap, something is broken, something fell off when I hit that speed bump too fast, a Honda doing this? Unfathomable....nope, I'd simply run out of gas. Let me tell you this, ladies and gents, this was a first for me. My prone to worry personality does not allow the gauge to dip below quarter tank. And I had all three kids in the car...bonus. During the whole 200 mile trip I hadn't once looked at the gas gauge. It was frightening and fascinating all at once-how did I manage that? AND, what else have I "forgotten"?
Years ago, I would have promptly done what any sane person would beat my head on the steering wheel and start crying. But with kids (and an extremely perceptive one) I had to buck up, laugh and say, "Well, okay, it's an ADVENTURE kids!"

Amazingly enough, we had just past a gas station.  I was able to pull the car into the ONLY strip of median on the whole needing to be widened road (and that was precisely what they were doing, orange cones and all encompassed my car in the middle of that road-pure luck). I had no cell phone (I don't know who I would have called anyway) as my daughter had tossed mine into my full wine glass (SPRING BREAK 2010!) a few days earlier. So we trekked up the side of the "highway" to the gas station on a quest for gold. After seeing us trumping up the side of the road, Anna still in her PJ's, me in my "driving clothes" (don't ask) a nice couple offered us a ride back to the car after we secured the .05 oz sippy cup quantity of gas that fits into a mini gas can. Weirdly enough, the boys were actually behaving, maybe because this adventure would have made that survive anything disaster guy on the Discovery channel proud. All in all, 20 oddish minutes later we are back on the road, making a big ole' wide U-turn for more liquid gold......we counted the gallons going into the car, 1, 2, 15....18!
"WOW," my perceptive oldest son exclaims, "I didn't know WE COULD FIT 18 gallons in our car!!" Neither did I kiddo, neither did I.


Ludid said…
oh my. although i've never been in that situation (yet), i have been extremely to close to an empty tank. i see that you used one of your bingo cards. love the artwork.

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