Catch, Pull, Feather, Recover

I know the "edges" are rough on this one. The cutting rudimentary and the masking tape in the middle rather pedestrian but that's exactly why I like it. Note: the Girl Scout manual page on the left. My ebay haul is finally making its debut. Speaking of ebay, if you see a cute little va va voom engine red Samsung for sale on there that looks suspicious, well, it's mine.....only two weeks in my possession (see SPRING BREAK 2010!) and it jumped ship. I dropped it at the movie theater when I took the boys to see How To Train Your Dragon (which was breathtakingly wonderful)....and I don't know if you know this because I certainly didn't but movie theaters are a hotbed for cell phone debauchery...mine had its SIM card (another new vocabulary word for me) pulled right out the back of it (I'm sure) within moments of my accidental abandonment. The horror. I was hoping for a good Samaritan out there but Fox Regal Cinemas is not apparently where they tend to hang out. And who can blame people these days, I guess a little illegal ebay cell phone action is in order seeing how much movies cost now, 14 dollars a ticket. Maybe I'm spending too much time reading 1930's Girl Scout naivety....well, catch, pull, beg and recover, that's what I do....


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