Ectoplasm, Lawnmowing and Gumballs (it's all related, really)

I know the sounds of spring and summer are supposed to provoke all smiley faces and such but it has come to my attention recently that I HATE the sounds of lawnmowers. When you live in a neighborhood the size of mine there is at ANY given time during grass growing season (a technical term), even during thunderstorms crazily enough someone is mowing their lawn. Maybe you have already realized this about yourself but it's taken me years to finally figure out that there's something in the sound frequency of lawnmowers that drives me quite batty.....perhaps I'm finally figuring this out because I've been reading Mary Roach's Spook (I know I started that book in October thinking it would be right on for Halloween but then it got run over by gluten free manuals) and she talks about infrasound and people's ability to hear certain frequencies or not. It's fascinating-there's a whole theory that seeing ghosts or experiencing them might just be a buzzing in your inner ear-well, it's fancier than that but that's the gist of it. The book is wonderful, full of ectoplasm, mediums and their guides, old outdated science and new discovery and chock full of facts that I will now regurgitate at any social function I'm allowed to go to. Watch out 5 year old niece's birthday party! (In fact, regurgitation is another frequently found theme in the book). Frankly, I think Mary Roach should have written ALL of my high school science books perhaps then I wouldn't have barely squeezed by with a C- in Physics (a feat that still mystifies me-might have been my wonderful drawings of invisible forces).

And next I'm planning to read Stiff, (Mary Roach's predecessor to Spook) a book about the amazing lives of science cadavers-that said, watch out PTO Bingo night-I'm  going to have LOTS more fun facts soon!

(The art above HAS NOTHING to do with the topic-I like it that way)


Ludid said…
i do love your stories....and the gumballs too. :-)

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