The Good Ole' Days

(Garden Growth)

 I had dinner the other night with a good friend who gave me her old/new phone (see SPRING BREAK 2010!) She and I both commiserated about being MOYK's (Mother of Young Kids-run with it people). It's not that we won't look back and think, oh, remember when their feet used to actually smell good and you could actually nibble on their toes? Remember when their clothes were so small that they got lost in the wash inside your own garments? Remember when I licked the sand off a lollipop just to stop the waterfall of tears? (really).....
 Remember when...No doubt, we will somehow have that Mommy amnesia everyone seems to get when they hit their 50's or so and we'll ONLY remember frolicking around the kitchen making homemade play dough and singing silly songs.
"I don't know may be hard to forget anytime soon"my friend says, "It's tough when the 4 year old is constantly whacking the 2 year old up side the head and stealing her toys. Often, I can't seem to help it and I end up comparing their behavior to adults, I mean REALLY....It would be as if I walloped you with my purse and while you were blindsided, drank your glass of wine and stole your fish tacos."
Well, thank goodness, we don't act like kids anymore because those tacos were good and I think if she had tried, I might have sabotaged her gelato with some home made play dough. Oh, these days......


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