Stolen Stuff and Such

I wouldn't mind a spiral staircase.....with space to hide under.....Brooke Astor's Holly Hill home now vacant-so sad, such greedy offspring. I would gladly been her honorary niece and kept the monies flowing to the arts and such.

When I find things that inspire me and copy and drag them to my desktop (sometimes screaming)-I really should make a note of where they came from so I can give credit. I will give this photo and it's subject credit as soon as my brain empties some space from carrying around too many gluten free facts.

I'm ready for summer vacation. (I can tell you that this was for sale on Etsy long ago but of course, I forgot to take notes from whom I was pilfering this beautiful vacation inspiring photo)

Beautiful house in Duck NC where we vacation.....when this house is lit up during sunset it emits a warm glow like a delicate paper lantern. (It's owned by some LA movie guy and is for sale, 8 million I think-not in the budget shucks!)

Another beautiful image from Etsy from long ago and of course, I didn't make notes so I could link this. Apologies, apologies.

I really enjoyed this book and her blog....simply enjoyable. I'd give her golden stars if I weren't so tainted by them.

I bought a refrigerator. 
Yep, things are FROZEN in my freezer.
Gasp. I think I am finally a grown to go get a freezie pop from that freezer......



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