20 30 40 50!

 I saw a thing on the news last night that says your stress levels and "worry" goes down after you enter your 50's. Oh great, now that I am nearing the big 4 0 I find out that I have to wait until the bigger 5 0 to finally quit my cyclical and maniacal worrying (thanks again Grandma Ruth).  What's next? When you're the big 6 0 you can eat whatever you want because your metabolism magically returns to a pre-school-like state? You never know...you never know.....now, back to worrying.

P.S-Drawings above are just things in my head...the first drawing is based on a "mapping" of the brain. I've been reading The Female Brain and it's just fascinating.The legs remind me of a new favorite singer of mine (thanks Jenny), Amanda Palmer. The dishes are for breaking-about to be thrown. The flight of the bumblebee. Family photos. Devious sibling.
Don't worry about me worrying too much-it's just what I do. At least, I'm really good at it. Like I say to my husband after I've played a particularily horrid soccer game (on my part)...but did I LOOK good? Find comfort in what you must....


That is funny stuff! I like your illustrations especially the plates. I have two years until the 4-0 and it's kinda a bummer I have to wait another 10 years.

One of my all time favorite quotes is "I don't bother being pessimistic...it wouldn't work anyway" that how I feel about worry.
Nicola said…
Great to visit your spirited. artistic blog again! Love the line drawings.

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