BIG Sharpie Time

(There's that big boy)

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to me to be an artist. Do I put my work in galleries? Do I put my work in publications? (yes, but really only one right now) Card companies? Art shows? Do I have the time and patience to look for more illustration work? When is it work and when is it fun? (I guess there can definitely be both) I'll have to say the joy of seeing one's work in print is pretty spectacular. Even though I've been doing it for ten years (wow), mt heart always skips a beat when the new magazine is laying in my mailbox. My kids know the drill "Look kids! WHO drew this?" Response: "Mommy did!"It never gets old.

A few years ago I rode the LIE (very proud of myself and I crossed platforms to change trains at Jamaica Plains-a feat only a few clueless "tourists" have managed) into NYC and went to the National Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference. I got to see the teddy bear of man and artist, Tommie DePaola speak about his work. What is work? What is just for fun? He showed us some of his HUGE bird paintings. He does these on the side of his children's books. I've always thought about that, how cool-artwork just for himself, really. Right now, all of my work is kind of ON THE SIDE stuff. And that's okay for now.

P.S-Been trying "new things" in the morning, yep, it's a keeper.


Jenni Horne said…
It's always so fun to come over here to Studio Fuller. I get to laugh and be blessed with your amazing insite on life. Tap my beer to you tonight!
Ludid said…
looks like it is so much to play with. great doodles.

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