Gettin' Busy

I'm not going to be posting as frequently (I know you're asking yourself-well, she's not really that "frequent" to being with). because I am focusing on getting my illustration website up and running. It will be at I've been putting it off like a root canal because I just am horrible at making up my mind. And so I've decided I'm basically not going to try to re-invent the wheel. I'm pilfering (I love that word) from sites that I love, keeping it simple, navigable and not doing it myself (kiss of death).

PS.Wheat is wonderful (in moderation)
Yoga is the best ( I actually look foward to getting up at 6am to do it-weird)
Carbs are good and necessary-South Beach people-you can NOT exercise effectively without some carbs-voila no real weight loss. I feel so so much better now going for runs-I have energy! I hadn't realized how seriously carb deprived I was. (Yes, I know there are other ways to eat carbs than a whole bag of potato rolls-did I say that?)


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