On Tuesday, my husband, Anna (2) and I anxiously sat in a Pediatric Oncologist and Hematologist's waiting room. I felt much like Alice  in her larger state and there were no bottles to be found that said "DRINK ME" (which I would have gladly done)....this place was made for small customers, reluctant ones. The doctors, nurses and receptionists, they are trying their best. There were hobbit sized tables covered in coloring books and chairs so small they seemed only for Cabbage Patch kids, fish tanks with oblivious swimmers.  Here, the crayons looked like they were trying too hard. I know from a glance exchanged with my husband that we hoped to never, ever, see this play house sized waiting room again.

More blood was drawn, yet nerves were calmed. Most questions answered.
I can't help it. I think of all of the parents who aren't the ones getting "good" news. I remember when our looney Lab was dancing around the Vet's parking lot, getting the ALL CLEAR from a brain tumor scare....I noticed the woman weeping at the end of her Corgi's leash, their last walk. I don't know how many "scares" a typical family goes through but we've had one legitmate big C scare with each child AND the DOG. Tucker with a brain tumor, J with the swollen lymph nodes (for years), C with melanoma (try going through a biopsy on a baby-not fun) A with her blood. You can't help it...this is exactly what you think... What are the odds? What are the chances? How many times will we seem to be given that Get Out of Jail Free card? I told Bobby that I would never complain about my "diet" disease ever again after all of this...he says, he is not holding his breath (ha ha ha).

A few good things.....I am finally getting around to putting together a care package for the Children's Hospital in Norfolk where friends of ours bring their son in for treatments, sicknesses etc. He is 4 and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His mother says that they are always happy when new books can be found in the Children's Play too. 
And when I mentioned to my kids at school (love my 6th graders) that we had spent some time in Children's Hospital, they all agreed that we should make the kids in the hospital coloring books. So our next "project" at school is to create coloring books for the kids. I'm going to see if Kinko's or a local copying place would copy and bind them for a discount or for free.

Meanwhile, give your kids a hug. Let them color on whatever they least for a day. 

P.S- On our friend Reuther's CaringBridge page where we are updated on his progress:

Dear Reuther: "Promise me you will always remember: You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
-Christopher Robin to Pooh


So sorry you are going through this. It's weird because before you have children you don't think you will ever be in the place you are. I have a child with Autism and he won't eat so we have ended up at Childrens Hospital to many times to count. I always walk away thankful because my son is leaving where as some kids don't ever get to go home. Best to you.
Ludid said…
all the best wishes. i am sure your 6th graders will enjoy making the coloring books. what a special assignment.
Candied Fabrics said…
I breathe a great sigh of relief for you and your family! Hallelujah!

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