Second Opinion

Just so you know apparently things on one's body should be symmetrical and when things aren't=not good. Take for instance our dog who once had half his head sunken in....this, my friends, is not good. And it's not good because only ONE side of his head was sunken in. Both sides, well, maybe okay.

My oldest son has one tonsil that is so swollen it's crossed over to the other tonsil's side like a bully going for milk money...this apparently files under "asymmetrical=not good" and so my husband and son trekked off to yet another specialist to see what rock we looked under this time. Turns out both sides ARE swollen, one is more like the evil Siemese twin, getting most of the heart and a full lung (nah nah nah nah nahhhhh). He's okay just a bit swollen. We'll watch and see and ask the one side to play a little more fair.

Me, I had an appointment with the head honcho at the wonderful Celiac Center at University of Maryland on Tuesday....I went for advice, a second look see at my now Tolstoy thick medical charts. (And I was sure they would look at me too to see that everything was symmetrical). And funny enough, after a team of doctors and med students looked at the anomaly of me....the prominent doctor in the field of Celiac said, alas, dear Elizabeth, you do not have Celiac (it's nearly statistically impossible for me to have it). I had suspected as such but I've been known to be too much of a know it all...turns out though, I really did know myself, enough to get a second opinion (note to you:always get a second opinion, esp. if it's for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE).

And folks, I'll tell you. It's really changed me, these past few months of being a "Celiac". I feel good, I knew that I would-I'm still dairy free, peanut and egg free but I can deal with that. And I rather like my wheat free, dairy free, egg free banana bread but just the same, pass that beer and while you're at it throw in a doughnut and a slice of pizza. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

(Above-Been drawing with super duper HUGE sharpies (called "poster size"). You can't really control the ink-good for me to loosen up, sigh of relief) BTW-If you've been keeping tally the fantastical Fullers have been 0 for 3 in the good health diagnosis arena this past few weeks and that's a good thing. We are truly blessed.


Candied Fabrics said…
well that's some wonderful news! Yay for 2nd opinions!

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