When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings

Scratch or e coli infection?
Scraped knee or broken bone?
Simple illness or childhood cancer?
We are having a scare in Fullerland. So I've decided that these pictures make me happy and that is a good thing. Little A (2) is having some abnormal blood tests right now and we are "investigating". Keep us in your thoughts/prayers. I'm hoping for Celiac (just kidding-but really).....
We've been singing "Favorite Things" from my all time favorite Sound Of Music. So.....

1.Tanner-our newest addition-a big cuddly bear
2. A new bag (12 bucks!)
3. Coffee and tea (mug from Katie:)
4.Box-o-art stuff
5.Bird's nests (this one unfortunately was made inside our grill-the eggs most likely won't make it-oops, we're supposed to be talking happy here)
6.Sheets blowing in the wind (margarita or not).


Ludid said…
sound of music is a hit at my home with my 2 1/2 year old. will certainly keep you in my thoughts and hope all is well.
Candied Fabrics said…
Scary things Beth - sending healthy hopeful thoughts your way!

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