My great Aunt Clara passed away over the weekend. She was 95. Clara is the younger sister of the only grandpa that I knew (my other having passed away tragically when my mother was nine). It's a generation gone now. She was a firecracker and we loved her very much.
I took two of the three kiddos to the wake because all of my babysitters were going too. And they did what 4 and 2 year olds will do, tried to run the halls (luckily we were the only viewing at that time), ate lots of candy and asked why we couldn't go to Target. "THIS isn't Target! " C exclaims.
Nope buddy, it's not. Target is the place we go to, to not think about things like death. Funeral homes aren't full of one dollar aisles and blow up baseball bats, unfortunately. It was when C started making spooky ghost sounds that I decided....okay kids, let's, to Target.

I'm thinking I must seriously be going through a quasi-mid-life crisis right now (I've been wondering what this was and then I did the math) .....and it doesn't help that my 20th high school reunion is this Saturday. I went to my 10 year in hopes that I wouldn't have to go to my 20....but I have such good friends coming to this one, some even flying in to join us here in good ole' Virginny that I am going again...this time married with three kids. At my 10, I was single (although with date-of questionable marriablility-that is a word) running triathlons, complaining about "lack of time" (ha), I was back in college and living in that previously mentioned grand Victorian- my, my how times have changed.


Jenni Horne said…
It's funny how that 20 year thingy dangles over us. I've mine in a mere 3 months....and I angst everytime for some silly reason. I was comfortable in my skin then and now. Why do we let those darn Pretty in Pink days get us all fired up? Well, put your big girl panties on and have a fab time Beth!

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