Forks (not the Twilight Kind)

 (photos with favorite, blue
goggles, our own handpicked blueberries, summer shirt)

A heck of a lot of spoons disappeared from my house when I was a kid. I remember my mother always asking "Where have ALL OF MY SPOONS gone?" I also remember thinking she was crazy.

And now, I am a crazed spoonless mother too. Except I have found the answer to the eternal question....I actually found my MIA flatware and other kitchen see, they are moonlighting at my house, yes, can you believe it? Right underneath my own roof. Here's what I caught them doing (or not)....

a fork was digging up ants (there were a whole crew of them, the forks)
a bowl was acting as action figure, Mr. Freeze's, swimming pool
a spoon was a catapulting tool for criminal lego guys
my potato masher was NOT mashing potatoes and I'll refrain from telling you what he was mashing-you'll never eat mashed potatoes at my house again will you?
my colander-a perfect pool skimmer

As I wander through my house I wonder if other people have such random kitchen wares scattered about. I play round up and deliver the AWOL kitchen utensils back to their proper place only to repeat it all over again the next day.....well, at least my kid's imaginations are going full force...or should I say full forks? (I know it's bad).


Jenni Horne said…
Right now as I write a steak knife is making holes in Mailey's cardboard robot. He needs arm holes. Yep.
Jenni Horne said…
Right now as I type a steak knife is being used to make arm holes in Mailey's cardboard robot. Yep. Every robot needs those, right?
Your not alone I have found spoons in my backyard for digging. That's a great use for grandmothers fine silver right? Ive found cups in the bathroom half filled with the yellow stuff...yuck! All my bowls end up in the upstairs bedroom used for lego battles.

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