We are busy packing up for the beach-well, I am anyway. My kids are busy going through all of the stuff I am trying to pack up for our Outer Banks excursion, actually little A is the unpacker. She sees clothes and wants to either put them all on or carry them around the house to various locations.

Every summer when I pack, I think back when my oldest was about 4 and his little brother 2. We were sharing a house with two other families-tons of kids, lots of drinks. J was asked to pack up toys that he wanted to bring on vacation. He dutifully collected a truckload and promptly shoved them in his super hero of the day bag (whatever "guy" he was into back then), We loaded up the car. Well, my husband did because he has this methodical, logical, spatial thing about him and headed to the Outer Banks. We got there, weary and ready to drop and so we did. J dropping his bag onto the beach house floor, PLUNK and out spills all of his brother's toys (ones deemed suitable enough for a 4 year old anyway). Oh, I said, "How sweet, he packed for his brother." instantly realizing that in no way had he done that (it would have moved planets out of their orbits, trust me). He simply had packed his brother's toys so as not to have to share or lose any of his own. Brilliance? Deviance? Just plain J. We'll see what happens this year. It hasn't repeated itself. But if you feel something out of line, your inner compass tilted it just may be that he actually did HELP his brother pack this year.

1.Silly bands have taken over.
2.Jumping at the farm.
4.Baby praying mantis
5.4th of July cake (I didn't make it-no credit for me)


Ludid said…
have a great time. enjoy the beach.

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