How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

 I don't know about you but I have this really annoying habit of feeling like I'm forgetting to do something. (I know I've written about this before so bear with me, I just have to talk about this stuff). I don't think though that I have always been like this. Could it be because I've got three other people's little agendas taking up my precious hard drive memory? So I was thinking about how to get everything I could possibly need to remember and put it all in one place...perhaps a huge chalkboard wall? Nah, the kids would would turn it into one big smear before you could say-what was I supposed to do on Wednesday?.....perhaps an online calendar-nope, that wouldn't stick with me-part of my quasi remembering is that I find I remember things better if I write them down....I think I am going to have to go Memento sticky note on myself, even writing down the simplest things, like "breathe today" as if it's the only thing I really need to do (wait a minute). Like on Sunday for instance. I lounged on my deck and read. I knew there was stuff to do, art to make, dishes to wash but I needed some r-n-r.  Perhaps if I write it on my TO DO list it will gain some reverence, importance, READ BOOK ON DECK....I can hear it now, "Whatcha doing there Beth/Mom?"
She looks up from her mass market paperback (I love that term-mass market, as if other versions of the paperback aren't for everyone)
"Oh, just checking things off my to do list", she replies.

On Saturday, I went to see the Sound of Music at our performing "outside" theatre of the arts, Wolf Trap. I brought my dancing, singing son, the only 4 year old who knows the National Anthem, yes, all of the words, the real words. The sky was full of puffy clouds, hurricane Earl was blowing a nice breeze, a kiss hello, Maria was alive in the hills in Austria and I had tears in my eyes (yeah, I know but doesn't everyone have a musical that just turns the faucets on?).  Both elements have a starring role in my life, my time spent as a child at Wolf Trap, I remember it vividly. The Sound of Music, the songs I memorized each and every one, loving Liesl who was much older than me (16 going on 17 by the way), I was more like Brigitta-although not as stern. You can fit yourself into almost every character , that is, well, except the Captain, I never related to him, anad I guess not Kurt or Friedrich either. Okay, all of the girls.
My camera is at my brother in laws house. They have been at the beach and I haven't been able to get it back. I felt naked without it. It's become such a tool of mine. So there is no evidence of that beautiful day but in my mind......


Ludid said…
the sound of music is the ultimate in musicals for sure. my son has been singing do re mi since he was
2. i can relate to having to write down simple things like taking time to breath. hope you get some more time for rest & relaxation.
nacherluver said…
Boy do I completely hear you on this post! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed, I let go and ignore the calendar and to-do list. When I get back to it, there's inevitably a bill I didn't pay, or an appointment I missed and the rest of the list has grown in my absence. You know what? Life still goes on! ;)
Caatje said…
And isn't it fun that Liesl (Angela Cartwright) is now a great mixed media artist? ;-)

BTW, here in the Netherlands we have diaries/calendars for entire families where each member gets their own space on a page. Since just about everything we have here was in the USA first I'm sure you have them too ;-)
Beth HF said…
A family calendar....yes! I'm sure they are around here somewhere:) It's funny, at work, I am incredibly organized. But not so much at home. And it's not like I care so much but now that my oldest is a second grader in elementary school, the stakes are higher:), where WAS that field trip form or such.
The Netherlands, cool. And I did not know that about Liesl-figures I would have looked her up. And now I will-I just knew she was grand.

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