She Floats

 I like to call the last year (2009) a wash. Because basically that was what it was.....I found myself skipping down this wonderful artsy road only to end up in my bathroom (TMI-I know). Things got put to the side, despite my illness, I started a wonderful PT teaching job, my life curved in a very different direction. Sometimes I feel like I got to the starting line, took off and then got benched for a while, shinsplints or something like that. I tried not to complain too much on this blog and most of it I couldn't or wouldn't even spell out. I have a friend and collegue going through chemo right now, my problems, not so scary.
Funny thing is....we still don't know what "happened" to me last year. And I'm kind of at peace with it, my symptoms are basically gone. I spoke to a good friend of mine this summer at the beach. She had gone through something similar to my troubles. However she had traveled abroad and had perhaps sipped some questionable water or something (me, I am still thinking gall bladder or bad grocery store sushi)......sick for two years and then voila, it went away after she got pregnant with her second child. Just poof! Never a diagnosis.  I was just happy to hear that I wasn't the only one with a mystery ailment. Misery loves company eh?
I'm glad to be back to me. And now to start art jogging again......


Ludid said…
i love your new banner and the bright look of your blog. i always look forward to seeing your joyful art.
Caatje said…
You know where you wrote "Misery loves company" I read "Mystery loves company" and thought: what wonderful word play! ;-)

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