Amazing Feats

My trapeze skills gave me the courage to climb out on my roof and make this-yep! I made it!
Yesterday I gave my kids eight stretchy skeletons. There were "Thank You Mommies!" and "You're the best Mommy ever!" and all because I spent $1 on eight stretchy skeletons. I love how simple love can be with kids. Right now, A and C tell me every time we turn a stretch of road near our house "Good driving Mommy! You drive so well." I don't know where it came from but they do it every time we round the bottom of our little exit ramp. And now I find myself looking forward to it-how simple that love, how silly. I don't need to be congratulated on my driving skills but darn it if I won't take it where I can get it. Thanks, thank you, thanks.


Ludid said…
nice work on the house decor. it feels good to be showered with thank yous from our little ones for those simple things. enjoy the halloween weekend.
nacherluver said…
Cool decos and sweet kids! Happy Halloween!

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