Dress Up

Pumpkins-I love the view from above-my favorite-like a flower.

Bought a bunch of these babies-told my husband they were for school and I kept them for myself-I love the names like Curly Head and Punch, the design of them, their ability to hold who knows what and the slight smell of musty tobacco.

There's a rainbow in the clouds but you can't see it-but if you look closely you'll see the boy and his dog-that's the part I love. (a view from my deck)

Old fashioned candy sticks-need I say more.

 This year we have been invited to a pre-Halloween party, you know a pot lucky kind of thing right before the big candy hunt. And it's being held by an artsy group (one I do like very much) but scrolling down on the invitation something catches my eye...have your children come dressed in HOMEMADE costumes (yes, it was in bold-so as not to be missed) and I will be the FIRST artist, mother, lover of all things Halloween to say ARGH! My kids at this age won't come within 6 feet of a Beth Fuller original costume, which usually involves some last minute digging in the closet for ideas (last year I was little "Edie"-Edith Bouvier Beale all because I had just seen Grey Gardens and easily found my polka dotted bathing suit which I promptly wore over my clothes in true little Edie style. The neighbors are still wondering if I actually had a reason for that costume or whether I was three sheets to the wind-it's debatable. Unfortunately, since I AM ALWAYS the one with the camera there is only one little known picture of me in such get-up, which also included a winter hat, fake fur coat and costume jewelry-too bad for you!)

Anyway, I've gotten over the fact that my kids don't want to be decked in a ghost costume intricately made by cutting holes out of an old twin sheet (brilliant-I know). And you would think that I would be good at this stuff. I will give ALL of that glory to my mother-she was magical with her sewing machine. I did however (to save a little face here) make the famous turkey costume for our dog Tucker who ran with it in the Turkey Trot. And I think there just may be a picture of THAT costume somewhere......so I don't think we are going to make the potluck party after all regardless of costume deficiency but I was starting to think, now, just what do I have in my closet? Oh look kids, put on this black cardigan, some jeans, clumpy clogs and wow, you're an artist! Not buying it either eh?


nacherluver said…
Have you ever shopped your local Goodwill? Ours has racks upon racks upon racks of old clothes, wigs, costumes, possibilities. Cost is less than a Halloween shop, creativity must be included if you want a cool get-up, all proceeds go to a good cause! Not completely homemade, but I think it counts!
nacherluver said…
p.s. great pics!
Pam said…
I am starting to love your photography almost as much as your art ! I guess a good eye is a good eye ! Thanks for sharing !

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