Manic Panic Momma

Rockin' the Magenta...I mean Pink.

I am starting to realize lately that I am moving out of that mother of (very) young kids realm. A and C will be 3 and 5 in December. I noticed myself feeling for all of the younger mothers I see dropping off 3 and 4 year olds at pre-school who are dragging their feet, dressed in frumpy cardigans, hair disheveled, lugging the 300 pound infant carrier and a look of desperation in their eye. (I know this can be applied to me many a time too......but -I'm making great strides, hey, my kids let me take showers now) I can't help it, I am thinking, oh thank goodness that is not me anymore (I know, that's seems kind of mean but I don't mean it that way-I have braved those waters and survived. I am an "elder" now chuckle, chuckle...and I have the scars to prove it.)

Speaking of youth and such....yesterday we were dying our hair pink at my school in a not so subtle way to support Breast Cancer Awareness month (October). I had honestly been wondering lately why it isn't that I don't have blue hair, pierced nose and a more "artsy" look to me. (I've always liked to blend a bit-I find I can observe better and I've never really liked being the center of attention-I used to be really self conscious so purple hair has always been a no go)
So I jumped at the chance to have colored (and I mean colored) hair. And I LOVE IT! I am thinking I am going to have to come up with a cause each month just to throw some color in these curly locks.  Of course, you will notice that my hair is not "pink" but more on the magenta side because my hair is so dry that it just slurped up the manic panic like a slurpee and voila-pink on steroids.
I can just see it now.....I'm going Atomic Turquoise what cause has blue as it's ribbon?
Celiac disease is green......yep, that's going to have to happen too.


nacherluver said…
How adorable! What a wonderful idea. Are you doing a fundraiser or anything to go along with the awareness?
My 'baby' is seven so I feel you. My biggie is not having to lug around a diaper bag or carry kids. My back is always sore as it is so I'm glad for the freedom to walk carrying less than a pack mule.

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