Underwater Sculpture

I was driving home from my soccer game last (we won!) and heard about the artist Jason DeCaires Taylor. His sculptures (mostly human) are placed underwater in order to form artificial reefs. They look something like the Chinese buried warriors or frozen victims from the Titanic. But if you really think about it-all of his sculptures were cast from people living today and all of his sculptures underwater are made to attract living coral and marine life, yes, there is definitely something very ALIVE about that. Enjoy.


Ludid said…
i heard it on NPR. certainly unique.

your header is my favorite so far. nice work.
Beth HF said…
I heard about it on The World last night too. Thanks about the header-I like to change them up now and then and I am really liking the Kinda Sorta. I can see it now
Kinda Sorta Studio-it just rolls right off the tongue.
Ludid said…
you are right about kinda sorta studio. it's very catchy :-).

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