I have been doing a good amount creatively these days yet finishing nothing. It's like I'm at that hockey goal and just can't put the puck in. I think a lot of it is this working every other day thing (which I do love) but then when I am home I tend to play the catch up laundry, dishes, cleaning game while my studio looks longingly at me.
I have been working on my website-but really a good and dear friend who knows Dreamweaver is weaving the magic-thank god. I took one look at the Learning Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial and went, crap and then grabbed a glass of wine.
And the funny just hasn't been grabbing me lately-aside from the fact that my oldest son had his tonsils out one week ago (no, that's not funny) and the doctor said to us, "Now this medication (Tylenol with Codeine) may make him moody." And I thought to myself-man, how will I be able to tell the difference? (nah, that's probably not funny either).
Oh but wait, I did have myself a dance party the other night when a good longtime friend was in town from London (big reason to celebrate). And late in the night, I decided that I should take over the dance floor with my idea of "dance-aerobics" (which includes my infamous versions of row the boat, shopping cart and just plain running)-apparently it was laughable or just plain obnoxious-the jury is still out on that one.


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