Missing In Action

Ever take one those pictures that takes your breath away?
A at Bear's Den off the Appalachian Trail (pushing her baby in her stroller).

I am doing everything possible in my power right now to procrastinate. Why is it that whenever I feel like drawing there's yogurt to be dished or a class project on Komodo Dragons to be conjured up? That's what has always bothered me after becoming a mother and a wife-your time is simply not your own. Now, now, I am not going to make this post a drab and dreary one so don't be alarmed or click away to happybubbles.com but I sometimes would like to be missing in action. If it weren't for safety reasons, sometimes I  think that I wouldn't even have a cell phone. I have never wanted people to know where I was at any give time (although, I will say, maybe for you dating people out there it allows you not to sit by your phone like a loser, twirling circles in your hair, doodling mindlessly and picking up the phone every 5 seconds to verify a dial tone-who did that? cough, cough). What I am trying to say is that just about every move I make is watched, verified, deconstructed. The best one being "Where's Mom?" (after being gone 3 seconds)-c'mon, "IN THE BATHROOM!" Really, do you want a play by play?  
Even all of my neuroses are checked and balanced by our bank account....."Uh Beth?" my husband asks "What's this debit for Blind Youth of America?" (That was my ebay purchase of stacks of braille brochures-yes, they will be showing up in future artwork-lucky you, after I work through my Girl Scout fix). However sometimes the checks and balances are good. Ten years ago when I got together with my husband, a friend remarked that he wasn't an artist or a creative type, thinking that that was who I would "end" up with. "Oh, no", I said, "there's only room for one artist in this town." 

Okay, I've got to get to drawing....before someone finds me in here.....wait, is that the doorbell? Oh, good, it's my macrame manuals from 1963-yes, yes, yes. Check please!


nacherluver said…
Hee hee. Cute.
Is it scary that I followed that train of thought as if it were my own?
Love the strolling through the leaves shot.


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