My Conscience

The centerpiece I decided on at the last minute-which of course meant I had to carve out this pumpkin, well, of course.

 This is the time of year that I get out my large roasting pan, wash the turkey and all the while remembering that this time last year I was cursing my cheap builder's special sink. Too small to even bathe a baby in-let alone a 12 pound turkey. And then I think, well, surely it is Thanksgiving and I should be thankful to EVEN have a sink, fresh water and a drain for it to wash off into never to be thought of again.

So every Thanksgiving I curse the sink and then think....there are young girls out there who need me, need me not to buy a new sink because it's too small for my once a year turkey. And this may be why not much ever gets improved in our house-I just can't justify anything past the starving kids in Africa. So look for me outside today with hose in hand rinsing out my roasting pan, I'll be cold, maybe icicles will be forming from the pan but gosh darn it, my conscience will be in tact.


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