Oh Tanenbaum!!!

Quite possibly the coolest Christmas Tree ever.
Real Simple-November 2010

Yeah, I know it's a little early to talk holidays. And I know I got totally sucked in by a Countdown Calendar awhile back that I knew I would never make. But this, ah.....this, I am going to do....it may take me like 10 years but I'm making one gosh darn' it. This lil' dandy reminds me of the "book table" I have been dying to make only I can't have any kids in the house as the legs are made of stacks of fat, thick books and the top is glass.Yeah, disaster central. But I did make that house size spiderweb...hmmm.....I'm feeling very confident now.

I am really procrastinating here (got to draw up some things for the magazine).......I remember a time when I wouldn't get started on artwork or a project until my entire apartment was in order. And this was do-able at the time-living in a studio apartment which was basically one room, a kitchen and a bathroom, yes, it was kind of possible. Now, I have to completely scrap the I've got to get this place in orderbefore starting something, something art related that is. You probably know this feeling-you can't watch TV if legos ARE covering the carpet or read your book if the dishes are piling up in the sink looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa (with dried up something on it). It's probably not completely healthy anyway to have to have everything in order in order to relax (or draw, paint, paste in my case). But it does help clear your head and dirty socks that need to be put away don't end up as drawings on the page or sinister characters in your novel.

Recently I have been really having fun drawing on the Girl Scout manual pages that teach a young lass how to keep house properly. It feels slightly poetic, ironic and just plain fun.


Anonymous said…
Hello! Found your art on Real Art DC then found your blog. We are a publisher planning to print a deck of cards created by local artists in Washington. Can you email me if you're interested in finding out more about the project? Thanks - Dione Goyette - info@artinhandcards.com - check out the website for other city decks we've done. Thanks again

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