I am sitting in a chair as I write this.....but not just any chair, I am in my daughter's make believe train that consists of the sticky coated kitchen chairs strewn together in one long string-I am in the second one. And thank goodness I have a laptop now as I would have to admit to being pretty dang bored. I'm not allowed to get up-just sit here in the "car".
Sometimes the parent/child play gets a bit tedious, pushing swings for me only last about 2 minutes, okay, maybe one.  But I do enjoy playing with my kids and I am trying to do it a little more, realizing that these days are fleeting (as evidenced by the fact that my new iTouch which came with said MacBook has been commandeered by greasy little hands trying to play Strawberry Shortcake apps, only needing me for my password to Apple-I told them it was Supercalafradulisticexpealodocoius-well, that's the way I spell it).
I'm trying to think that the sum of my days was one of joy and presenting others with joy as well. Oh yes, isn't it grand? (chuckle,chuckle).

I just read Catherine Newman's piece on boredom in Brain,Child-it's nice to read your own magazine don't you think?


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