Me, dragging the tree. My husband bet me I couldn't. I could (but not without a lot of complaining.)
Fun with foamies and yes, I know she might be a bit old for a pac-she's almost 3. But I don't care, she sleeps well with one-and that, my friends is worth its' weight in non BPA plastic.

Sitting room only-no problem that's what we do.
I sit here tyuing, typing this wity with gloves on my hands (okay, no more gloves).....yes, here at the Fuller homestead we are going all pioneer. No heat in the house, record low temps. Thank goodness for a fireplace, two furry dogs and fleece (wine too).
Got caught out in the snow this morning and it was a bit more than expected. In the back of my car is a 50 pound bag of dog food (see warm furry friends above) that I couldn't lug into the house the other night-a ha, food for if we get stuck in a ditch. Could you just see us on the evening news, mother with two young kids stuck in her car during snow shower resorts to breaking open bag of Senior Health Iams, says with a little gravy it might not be half bad.....keeps kids alive for hours.
So you can imagine it's been busy here this week with the heat issues starting a full three days ago. There has been some back and forth with parts and miraculous recoveries but it all leads to the fact that the builder in our neighborhood put hamsters in hamster wheels to keep the motors running and those poor little critters just got too cold. I swear, I can hear them squeaking.

So right now, two of the three kiddos are at Grandma's and one is throwing a tantrum because he is COLD but yet refuses to either go upstairs (where there is some heat) or wear a warm sweater-heaven forbid! These days getting my kids to wear coats is a titanic task but that's a whole other post. But right now, the eldest is falling apart like well, my heating unit, not because you can see your breathe in the house or that he misses his brother and sister (ha!), no he has lost it because.....because SOMETHING (some little thing) is different from our regular routine. Recently, the boat has been seeing a little splashing, mainly when there is no maple syrup or Dad went to work early and so mom has to see him off to school. I know you're thinking, wha? But if you have one of those kids, you'll be nodding your head right now.

So I've been thinking about my Christmas list and honestly I just want some time. So dear Santa, would you please bring me just one empty day so I can read upside down off my couch (yes, it's fun and gets the blood flowing), draw up a storm in my "studio" and finally finish all of my orphaned ideas (been busy-see above), or browse aimlessly in a bookstore before 9pm. That's it. I promise, I have been good. (see ALL other posts.)


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