The Mess

Just fooling around a little- I call this "The Mess".

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a new scanner. The 25 dollar one I have been using has kicked the bucket. You get what you pay for eh? (Seriously need to invest in a good scanner....but then as my graphic design friends like to say it's only as good as its user-like a 4 year old driving a Lambourgini...I will attempt it.)

P.S-Have I ever told you why I am so obsessed with Girl Scouts? 500 posts and I can't remember. I was basically ""ousted" from my scout troop by two evil girls who simply decided they didn't like me anymore like an old pair of Tretorns (I know). I loved Girl Scouts. It broke my heart. I know I'm probably better off. By the way, have you ever seen the Mama Merit Badges-they are too cool.


Jenni Horne said…
Squam would be amazing! Let's make it a date! :)

btw I am living the girl scout dream now through my daughter. We never had our own troop b/c our Mother's were too selfish with their time and wanted nothing to do with such nonsense!
Beth, I love your illustrations for B, C. I am still chuckling over that famous book "The audacity of Nope."
Elizabeth said…
It is a great sadness that we can't figure out how to fit in Girl Scouts in our schedule... boo. I did an album that featured Mama Merit Badges for one of our giveaways at Write.Click.Scrapbook. last... spring? I can't remember when it went up, but it was so much fun to put together. Love those!

Oh, and I'm so glad you discovered the Avett Brothers. We love them. Like, achingly love them. Happy New Year! : )

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