Pocket Full of Eyeballs

Russian artist Evgeny Dobrovinsky sees faces in nature. To prove it, he walks around Sokolniki Park in Moscow with a pocket full of eyeballs. As he sees these faces, he places eyeballs on them and, magically, the characters pop out. (Credit-Stas Jitzky's Blog-mymodernmet.com).

How I would love to walk around with a pocket full of eyeballs. I see faces everywhere too but it's brilliant to pop those babies right on there. Love it.


nacherluver said…
I see faces too! All the time. Think it's our (humans) way of relating to the world. How fun to pop eyes on and share what he sees. Brilliant!
That's great...thanks for sharing.
Jenni Horne said…
Ok...this comment has nothing to do with your post, but if you are like me you don't go back 100 posts to see new comments. Man, I love reading your blog. I laugh out loud, I cry, I feel your joy. So thanks. And I do..do..do...hope we can meet someday.
Beth HF said…
Jenni-me too!! We'll meet halfway at something arty in North Carolina!
BTW-you know you can set up your blog to email you whenever you get a comment on any given post. Or maybe you have too comments, lucky gal.

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